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All the ways you support Love Your Neighbor help us make sure kids feel seen, known and loved.

LYN is regularly building, delivering and assembling bunk beds for the kids that need them most.

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About Us

Love Your Neighbor is a bunk bed ministry that provides beds to children and families in need across multiple Colorado counties. Established in 2018 in Colorado Springs, Love Your Neighbor specializes in building and delivering beds, supplying mattresses and essential bedding such as pillows, sheets, comforters, and more to support foster families, veterans, and families transitioning out of homelessness.


In addition, Love Your Neighbor provides opportunities for groups and families to serve together by offering build days in the woodshop that include organization team building, mentorship classes and special needs classes. We are intentional about including everyone and working to reach those that are pushed to the margins of society. We are here to love our neighbors.

Our Mission

Love Your Neighbor wants everyone we interact with to feel



The Impact

Love Your Neighbor partners with CarePortal for bed requests.

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The LYN team is made up of volunteers with specialties in many different areas as well as those that are just willing to show up and help as needed.

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Luke Wrobleski started the Love Your Neighbor team when he got a few people together, loaded up a truck with fence supplies and fixed fences after they were blown down by the 100+ mph winds in January, 2017.

The Love Your Neighbor impact

It’s been so exciting to watch the ministry of Love Your Neighbor grow over the years. 

-Luke Wrobleski

21 September

Backpack Bash 2022

The 2022 Backpack Bash was a dynamic, collaborative effort that spread smiles and joy.


5 October

Bunk Beds in Uganda

There is something really exciting happening with our Love Your Neighbor team and the bunk bed building project.


9 August

Uganda Trip 2022

The Love Your Neighbor team has been back from our trip to Uganda for a little over a month now.


23 June

More Than Just a Mattress

A huge THANK YOU to those who donated to the Love Your Neighbor Mattress Drive.


From Our Team

Every bunk bed we make is branded with something we hope rings true in every kid’s heart for a long time. The words “You are seen. You are known. You are loved.” are branded on each slat under the mattress. Some of the kids come from very rough situations – we are happy to be a small part in God’s bigger story for their lives. We don’t think kids will sleep on the floor in Heaven. We don’t think they should have to sleep on the floor here either.

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