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Mentorship and Classes

Partnering with Pikes Peak Academy High School, Love Your Neighbor has weekly mentorship/woodworking classes. A new group of students come to the woodshop each semester to learn woodworking skills and, more importantly, create connections with leaders that genuinely care about them.
During their time in the woodshop, the students work on three projects:

1. Students work together to build a toddler, twin or bunk bed. The goal of this project is to teach basic woodworking skills and how to work as a team.

2. Build a gift to give to someone they care about. The students can build anything they desire as long as it is given to a loved one. This project creates an opportunity for the students to think outside themselves and focus on caring for someone in their life

3. Each student can build a project of their choice. This project gives each student the freedom to build anything they choose.

At the end of the semester, the goal is not to have turned students into master woodworkers, but rather to share our joy of woodworking and help them feel seen, known and loved by the leaders.



We also have special needs woodworking classes. The goal of these classes is to give the participants the opportunity to build something and spend time in the woodshop with leaders that genuinely care about them. All projects are well thought out and prepped ahead of time so the participants can come in and simply enjoy their time in the woodshop. 

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