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More Than Just a Mattress

June 23, 2021 | Written by Luke Wrobleski

A huge THANK YOU to those who donated to the Love Your Neighbor Mattress Drive. We’re excited to announce that enough money was raised for 55 mattresses!

This means that over 50 kids will have a brand new mattress to sleep on when we deliver a bunk bed. Because of you and these new mattresses, kids will be reminded that they are seen, they are known, and they are loved. That is our goal when we deliver beds.

Your generosity enables Love Your Neighbor to continue doing what we do… 


A few weeks ago, Love Your Neighbor, along with a family who received bunk beds, was featured on KOAA News5! These mattresses make a bigger impact than we realize – we’re providing way more than just a bed to these kids.

Check out the awesome video below or read the full story here!