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How It All Started


Luke Wrobleski founded Love Your Neighbor after rallying a group of volunteers to repair fences toppled by 100+ mph winds in January 2017.


The Love Your Neighbor team made up of volunteers with various specialties continued aiding homeowners in need that could not afford to hire trade specialists. They tackled projects from deck building, appliance installations, landscape maintenance, furniture deliveries and vehicle repairs.


In mid-2018, Love Your Neighbor redirected its efforts toward building bunk beds for children in El Paso County. Recognizing the urgency of this need, this endeavor swiftly became the primary purpose for the Love Your Neighbor team. They partnered with CarePortal to locate children in need of a bed.


Currently, Love Your Neighbor consistently constructs, delivers, and sets up bunk beds for individuals in urgent need, while also supplying mattresses and essential bedding like pillows, sheets, and comforters.


Patsy Woods

Love Your Neighbor & CarePortal Coordinator

Patsy finds joy in sharing mountain adventures with her husband and two boys, indulging in their love for camping, fishing, hiking, and thrilling rides on dirt bikes and ATVs. Additionally, she treasures connecting with friends during dedicated mornings each week—whether it’s over coffee, on a hike, or enjoying breakfast together. Cultivating her prayer garden and nurturing her vegetable garden are among her most cherished solitary activities.

Brian Worster

Volunteer Lead

Brian is a volunteer lead in the Love Your Neighbor woodshop during build days, projects, and delivers beds to families in need. Brian has been volunteering with Love Your Neighbor since the beginning and attends Pulpit Rock Church. Brian volunteers his time with local organizations in Colorado Springs.

Tim Golias


Tim is a volunteer in the Love Your Neighbor woodshop during build days and projects. Tim is the Facilities Manager at Pulpit Rock Church and a Realtor. Tim loves to travel and explore Colorado and the country with his wife Sandy.

Rhonda Smith

Love Your Neighbor Admin

Rhonda is a wife and mother of two teenage boys who are very involved with sports at their high school as well as a seven year old daughter who loves keeping up with her brothers. Rhonda loves filling her downtime with outdoor activities and spending time with family watching movies, going bowling, and taking her daughter to trampoline parks. Rhonda moved to Colorado Springs from North Dakota in 2009. She absolutely loves the area, and is so excited to get involved with the community through Love Your Neighbor. Rhonda is passionate about helping others.