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Our Partners

Pulpit Rock Church

Home of Humblewood Workshop, Pulpit Rock Church, is where Love Your Neighbor began. Several days a month, the woodshop is open for build days and mentorship/woodworking classes. Pulpit Rock is a constant support in helping Love Your Neighbor care for people in Colorado Springs and around the world.

Mountain Springs Church

As a main Love Your Neighbor supporting church, Mountain Springs Church has given time, funds and resources in order to help Love Your Neighbor care for their community. Mountain Springs is also setting up their own woodshop in 2023 to help Love Your Neighbor keep up with the growing need for beds in the Colorado Springs.

The Woodshed Lumber Company

The Woodshed plays vital role in helping Love Your Neighbor provide beds for local kids and families. The Woodshed donates quality lumber that is used for slats on all beds. Each slat is branded with a special message: You are seen. You are known. You are loved.

Platte Furniture

Platte Furniture knows that it shows value to each kid receiving a bed if they receive a new, high quality mattress. So, Platte Furniture sells their mattresses to Love Your Neighbor at a highly discounted price to ensure each kid has a new mattress to lay their head on.

Davis Whitehall

Davis-Whitehall donates the exotic lumber for students in Love Your Neighbor classes to use on their projects. Having access to exotic lumber gives the students the opportunity to be creative and explore unique combinations of woods for their projects.

Organizations that support Love Your Neighbor through donations or by hosting build days:


Organizations that Love Your Neighbor has provided beds or hosted classes for: