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So Kids Don’t Have to Sleep on the Floor

October 13, 2020 | Written by Patsy Woods

Way back in February, I learned about a program called Love Your Neighbor, and I attended an introduction in the wood shop.

Not long after, my family and I decided to volunteer making bunkbeds! I left that day wanting to do more… wanting to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I prayed about it, and I was blessed with an opportunity to work part-time with Luke Wrobleski and the Love Your Neighbor and Care Portal program.

My first community project was partnering with WayFM for the Bedding Drive at the beginning of this month. With all that is going on in 2020, this was a perfect way to do something meaningful and helpful for others.

In its second year, the drive proved to be a success! In just two weeks, we received 26 mattress pads, 18 pillows, 33 comforters, 43 sheet sets, and 16 comforter/sheet sets.

But wait….there’s more! We still have stuff coming in via UPS, drop off, and donations that are specific to the Bedding Drive!

This project started off a little rough… We did not have the support of larger chain stores to be drop off locations. So we turned to locals – Third Space, FH Beer Works, Dapper Barber Shop, and Slice420. It was amazing to not only see but feel everyone come together and support this program.

For those who have never been on a Love Your Neighbor bunk bed delivery, it is life changing.

You find yourself in God’s presence doing His work. We get to help the very kids that He loves so much. In my bubble, prior to working with this program, everyone I knew slept in beds. It wasn’t something that I thought about. I believe God is using the LYN program to help shape who he wants me to be.

It is not okay for children to sleep on a dirty mattress on the floor or no mattress at all, on a couch, or on a bed with 4 others. This is more common than you think – I have seen it. Kids are dealing with circumstances that are out of their control.
The Love Your Neighbor program gives them a little bit of security… a bed of their own. A clean mattress, clean sheets, clean comforter and a clean pillow. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to give a little of yourself to this program.  Go on a delivery, build a bed, provide bedding or a mattress, pray.
The only way to really express how this changed me is through prayer:

Lord God. My Creator, Leader, Teacher, and Father. Thank you for allowing me to be part of something much bigger than myself.  Thank you for allowing all of us to be a blessing to your children. We are grateful for your compassion and love that you have poured through us to them. To do your work is life changing and builds who we are in Christ. I am better for it… we are better. Thank you for the moments of being humbled that swept across my soul during this drive. Thank you for teaching us to truly love our neighbor! I am beyond grateful. I ask that you provide the compassion and grace that we need to take care of little ones. I ask that you bless our community and provide what we need to continue building beds. With you leading, we can move mountains. In Jesus’ name!