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The Love Your Neighbor team was blessed with a large donation of woodworking equipment and tools โ€“ enough tools, in fact, to set up a complete workshop!

We now have a workshop onsite at Pulpit Rock filled with high quality tools ready to build bunk beds for kids, nightstands for families starting over, and anything else we can think of to love our neighbors here in Colorado Springs.

We have decided to name our new gift the Humblewood Workshop. We chose this name for two reasons:

  1. Thatโ€™s a really cool name.
  2. To honor where the tools came from and the legacy behind the Humblewood name.

Woodworking Projects

Our Humblewood Workshop allows us to have volunteers build beds regardless of weather conditions. Also, we are now able to have mentorship/woodworking classes and create various outreach opportunities to care for the youth in our city.

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